Our History

storefront 2015

Old Town Music has roots that go as far back as 1964 when it was then called Denny's Music. The current owner bought the shop from Denny in 1995 , changing its name to Old Town Music but retaining the sensibilities that had long been a success since its beginning in the musical heyday of that decade.  You'll still find Denny's original show posters from those historical years lining the walls of the new shop!

After decades in Portland's downtown location, in 2011 the shop began anew again with its move over to the East side. Boasting a much larger space, parking lot, and easier accessibility, the new shop continues to grow along with our customers and the SE neighborhood that surrounds us. 

Through the years Old Town Music has evolved with musicians and music they make, as we try to uphold the traditions of the classic American guitar store with experience, honesty, and friendly customer care.